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Scalecraft Price:: Custom Model
Item Number: XF-109
The F-109 designation was initially assigned to what was to become the McDonnell F-101B. After the two-place version of the "Voodoo" was redesignated, the USAF reassigned the designation to Bell Aircraft Corporation Model D-188A. The project, sponsored by both the USAF and US Navy, called for a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) interceptor capable of speed in excess of Mach 2.

Although the aircraft never got beyond the mock-up stage, it had some unusual design features. The aircraft was to have eight J85 turbojet engines; a pair of engines was mounted on each wingtip in a rotating nacelle, the other four engines were mounted in the fuselage, two horizontal in the aft section and two vertically in the forward fuselage to provide downward thrust for hover and low speed flight. The wingtip nacelles were designed to rotate through a 100 degree arc; horizontal to 10 degrees past vertical, allowing the aircraft to fly a backwards hover.

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