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CG-4 Waco glider / USAAF

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The Waco CG-4 was the most widely used United States troop/cargo military glider of World War II. It was designated the CG-4A Haig by the United States Army Air Forces and named Hadrian in British military service.

Designed by Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio (commonly known by the acronym WACO, or Waco), CG-4 flight testing began in May 1942, and eventually more than 13,900 CG-4As were delivered. Sixteen companies were prime contractors for manufacturing CG-4A's. Wicks Aircraft Company of Kansas City, Missouri was a sub-contractor while Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation of Kansas City, Kansas and the WACO Company of Troy, Ohio were two of the 16 prime contractors.

Mahogany wood. Wingspan 18 inches, length 11 inches.

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