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Cessna Sovereign

Cessna Sovereign airplane model
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Scalecraft Price:: $219.00
Item Number: 0607

Citation Sovereign airplane model is Cessna’s version of what a business jet should be: comfortable, high-performing, and economical.  The strongest feature of the Sovereign is its range; it has coast-to-coast capabilities, like large jets, but still retains the features that make midsize private jets so advantageous.  It can take off in under 4,000 feet, a feat still unmatched by other midsized jets, and can cruise at around .75 Mach (458 knots).

The Sovereign’s cabin is 25.3 feet long and can hold anywhere between eight and twelve 180-degree swivel seats.  The interior is large enough that passengers can stand up in the 5.7 foot-high cabin.  The baggage space available in the Sovereign is the largest of comparable private jets.  The Sovereign has 135 cubic feet of baggage space (about 1000 pounds); whereas the competing Hawker 400 XP has only 48 and the Challenger 300 has 51.

Scale: 1/40. Wingspan 19 inches, Length 19 inches.

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