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Russian fighter

Yakovlev Yak-9

Production of the Yak-9 began in the summer of 1942, with deliveries of the airplane beginning on October of that year; and the aircraft soon engaged in the Battle of Stalingrad. The Yak-9 operated with a wide variety of armament, including all types of aircraft cannon then in production in the Soviet Union, and during 1943 there appeared variants of the airplane which developed the full potential of the Yak-9 for use in anti-tank, light bomber, and long-range escort roles. Production of the Yak-9 ended in 1946 after a record 16,769 airplanes had been delivered. Main operators after World War II, apart from the Soviet Union, were Bulgaria, Poland, and Yugoslavia. The Yak-9U used one 1,650-hp Klimov VK-107A Vee piston engine giving the airplane a maximum speed of 434 mph at 16,405 feet, a service ceiling of 39,040 feet, and a range of 541 miles. Airplane armament was one 20-mm MP-20 cannon and two 50-caliber UBS machine guns plus provision for two 220-lb. bombs on racks underwing. Mahoagny Wood. Scale: 1/23. Wingspan 18 inches, Length 15 1/2 inches.

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