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Lockheed / Anti-Submarine

A-29 Hudson

Although Lend-Lease Hudsons were assigned USAAF attack-series designations A-28 and A-29 and were given USAAF serial numbers, very few of these aircraft actually served with the USAAF. Most examples went directly to the RAF, the RAAF, or the RNZAF. Only 153 A-29-LOs-equipped with a single flexible 0.50-inch machine gun in an open position replacing the Boulton Paul dorsal turret of the standard aircraft-were retained by the USAAF. Although the USAAF A-29s were distributed among a number of Bombardment and Anti-Submarine Squadrons on both US coasts at the beginning of American involvement in the war, the A-29-LO was considered as only an interim type, pending the availability of more modern aircraft. Nevertheless, they did participate in some early combat-in fact, a USAAF A-29 became the first USAAF aircraft to destroy an enemy submarine, when it sank U-701 on July 7, 1942. The A-29s were soon superseded by later aircraft, and were relegated to crew training roles along with the specially-built AT-28s and AT-28As. 24 of the A-29s were modified as A-29B photographic reconnaissance aircraft. Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/35. Wingspan 21 7/8 inches, Lenght 15 1/16 inches.

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