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Bell X-1 "Glamorous Glennis" (signed)

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Scalecraft Price:: $2,154.33
Item Number: SS-3
Next to the Wright Brother's Kitty Hawk flyer, the X-1 is probably the second most important and historical aircraft to have flown. The diminutive Bell X-1 rocket research plane was the world's first aircraft to break the "sound barrier" and achieve supersonic flight. On October 14, 1947, the X-1 named "Glamorous Glennis" passed Mach 1 on its epic flight and was piloted by Chuck Yeager. The aircraft's conical nose was modeled on the lines of a .50 caliber bullet. While the X-1 was capable of taking off under its own power, all but one of its flights began with a high-altitude drop from a launch aircraft in order to conserve precious rocket fuel.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/32. Wingspan 9 1/2 inches, Length 11 inches.

This model is hand signed by General Chuck Yeager. A true collectors item! Model is signed on the top wing and comes with letter and picture. LIMITED EDITION.

Chuck Year passed away on December 9, 2020.

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