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5-AT Tri-Motor / Pan Am

Pan Am Ford Trimotor airplane
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Scalecraft Price:: $184.35
Item Number: 1325
Ford Trimotor airplane model. Dubbed the "Tin Goose", the Ford Tri-Motor appeared also with a variety of official and unofficial modifications, and was operated with wheel, float, or ski landing gear. These airplanes also served with all branches of the US military. If proof of the Tri-Motor's longevity were needed, it is sufficient to note that Scenic Airlines of Las Vegas was still operating a Ford 5-AT-C in the 1990s. This airplane, still essentially in original condition (rather than a restoration), was built in 1929. The larger capacity 5-AT-D was powered by three 420-hp Pratt & Whitney C-1 or SC-1 Wasp 9-cylinder redial piston engines, providing the airplane with a maximum speed of 150 mph, cruising speed of 122 mph, service ceiling of 18,500 feet, and a range of 550 miles.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/48. Wingspan 18 inches, Length 18 inches.

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