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GBU-43 bomb
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Scalecraft Price:: $129.00
Item Number: A40001

The GBU bomb is an extremely powerful and accurately delivered Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB). Also known as the “Mother of All Bombs,” it delivers the 18,700lb BLU-120/B warhead bomb with KMU-593/B GPS/INS, and is the largest-ever satellite-guided, air-delivered weapon in history. The GBU bomb is equipped with fins and inertial gyro for controlling pitch and roll but is mostly GPS-guided. Its design allows high-altitude release, which in turn, allows for greater stand-off range for the delivery vehicle. This powerful guided bomb was designed for the US Air Force as a replacement for the “Daisy Cutters” used in Vietnam and Afghanistan. In essence, the GBU bomb is a larger version of the Daisy Cutter that is equipped with a guidance system. It is intended for use against hard-target entrances, soft-to-medium surface targets, and for anti-personnel purposes.

Scale: 1/30. Length 12 inches.

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