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Fokker Eindecker

Fokker Eindecker model
Fokker Eindecker model

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Scalecraft Price:: $279.00
Item Number: 1380

Max Immelmann scored his first victory flying the "Eindecker." Scourge of the air during the winter of 1915, the Fokker E.I was the first aircraft armed with a synchronized, forward firing machine gun. German pilots were ordered not to fly it across enemy lines for fear the Allies would capture the secrets of the synchronizing gear. Followed by the E.II, E.III and E.IV, the Eindecker was underpowered and slow but could out turn most of its opponents. Allied aviators who faced it called themselves "Fokker Fodder". The Eindecker ruled the skies until the Nieuports and SPADs were developed.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/20. Wingspan 19 1/2 inches, Length 15 inches.

Model does not include the pilot figure.

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