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Douglas - US Navy Transport

R4D Skytrain

The C-47 Skytrain was the most commonly used transport in the Allied Air Forces and has operated in every theater of war. A version was even built under license by the Japanese (the Showa L2D), as well as by the Russians (the Lisunov Li-2). It was known under different designations (C-47, C-53, R4D) and different names (Skytrain/Skytrooper/Dakota/"Gooney Bird"), and by the civilian designation DC-3. DC-3B's taken over from airlines were given the military designations C-49 or C-84. A special staff transport model was designated C-117, but only seventeen were built. The C-47 was famous for its dependability, versatility, and ability to carry loads far heavier than the official specs allowed. Famous campaigns involving the C-47 were "flying the Hump" (transport over the Himalyas), dropping paratroops behind enemy lines on D-Day, and the post-war Berlin airlift. The C-47 was so useful that it was used by the U.S. military in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and many are still flying in different countries around the world today. Mahogany Wood. Wingspan 21 1/2 inches, Length 15 inches.

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